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Opera_2Opera have announced the release of Opera-Mini, a J2ME (Java) version of their mobile web-browser.

In the past the Opera Mobile Browser was only available for powerful smartphones, such as the Series 60 range, which left the majority of mobile users without a high-quality mobile web-browser. Opera-Mini can now cater for that market as it will work on any J2ME compatible phone (The majority of today's phones are J2ME compatible) that has a working GPRS connection. This should help give mobile-browsing a push in the right direction by allowing regular users access to better displayed web-pages on their mobiles just like high-end users are used to.

Opera use the clever process of pre-processing web-pages through a server before they are sent to the phone (the original Opera Browser did this processing on the phone itself). This takes away the burden of processing the pages from the phones processor and also cuts bandwidth usage which is still quite expensive in most parts of the world. The fact that it uses Operas fantastic Small Screen Rendering technology means it will display pages just as the regular Opera Mobile Browser would.

Opera-Mini is only currently available in Norway where it is being trialed and there is no word to when we'll see a worldwide release. More information on the release can be found here.

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Opera Mobile Browser

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