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Flash Lite 2.0

Flashlite20_1Adobe have announced that the latest version of Flash for mobile devices will be released this month. Macromedia have already shipped-out copies of Flash Lite Player 2 and the Flash Lite 2 Update for Macromedia Flash Professional 8 to some developers.

For those of you who might be interested there is an hour long video preview of Flash Lite 2 available on the Macromedia website. Adobe have also put up a Wiki page for Flash Lite 2.0 which contains links to documentation, code samples and lots of other goodies for developers. I'll be trying to get hold of a copy of this over the weekend because from the screenshots I've seen it's a great improvement on Flash 1.1.

The new features Flash Lite 2 brings include:

  • Flash Player 7 support
  • ActionScript 2.0 support
  • Loading and parsing XML data
  • Ability to store and retrieve persistent data
  • Improved display and handling of fonts
  • Shape drawing and animation through ActionScript
  • Dynamic loading of multimedia content and playback using device-based codecs

Adobe Press Release

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