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More N80 News

N80bottomMore news has been circulating about the rumoured Nokia Series 60 Slider the N80.

It turns out that the picture i posted about wasn't a real phone but a mobile lovers idea of how the N80 might look. He took a photo from an N-Series presentation of what looked like the bottom part of a Nokia slider and photo-shopped the rest (The slide can be seen on the left).

The important news however is that the photo may be fake, but the phone does actually exist. Engadget posted a story about a slide that was produced at a Macromedia (see Flash Lite) presentation in Taiwan which not only included a picture of the N80 but also had a picture of 3 other N-Series phones one of which is a clam-shell. Lets hope some specs for these new N-Series phones will be released soon!

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I would really love to see a good S60 slider phone. Given the relatively large screen size of S60 phones, a slider form factor makes perfect sense. Remember the 7650?

Posted by: DAK | 29 Sep 2005 19:52:26

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