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Scoble Interviews Windows Mobile Team

95972This is a few weeks old but still worth a look. It's a video of an interview Robert Scoble did  with the Microsoft Windows Mobile team for Channel9.

The video contains lots of information about Windows Mobile Version 5.0 (Formerly known as Magneto) from the mouths of some of the guys who helped develop it. It is a must-watch for Windows Mobile Developers as it  contains some great information about what developing for Windows Mobile 5.0 will be like.

There is also some great footage of a couple of the upcoming Windows Mobile Handsets including the new Samsung SGH-i300 (Yes Samsung again), which has a 3GB HDD inside it, and the HTC Universal. The next generation Windows Mobile Handsets are really upping-the-ante in the Smartphone Market and this video shows just what Nokia and Sony-Ericsson will be up against towards the end of the year.

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