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Samsung Series 60 Redux

D730Remember when Samsung unveiled the D720 at 3GSM? Remember when nobody ever saw it again just like the other two Series 60 phones Samsung had announced?

Well today Samsung not only announced that the D720 will soon be released in Europe (Starting with Germany) but they will also be releasing the D730, a clam-shell Series 60 phone. But now that there is a chance Samsung will actually become a new player in the Series 60 market, I'm not as excited as i was when i first heard the D720s specs.

I hadn't heard much about the D730 apart from the details posted on Series60.com. I had it pegged as the S60 phone Samsung announced at the CeBit Show to create some media interest, and then would never be released (much like the D720 at 3GSM). At 97 grams for the D730 and 107 grams for the D720, these are two of the smallest and lightest series 60 phones to date. And the small packages come well equipped. The D730 boasts an identical feature-set to to the D720 which includes Tri-Band, GPRS class 10 data connection and a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with flash LED and 4x digital zoom. Both handsets also support mp3, ACC and ACC+ for music playback and MPEG4 and H.263 for video.

Samsung really seem to have put together a great package though perhaps it would have been more perfect 6 months ago when the D720 was first announced. With Nokia releasing their N-series phones later this year the Samsungs will have some stiff competition. The Nokia N-Series phones have taken the next step by implementing features previously unseen in S60 devices such as Wi-Fi support and internal hard-drives (the N91 will have both) as well as improving camera and lens quality.

All that's left now is to see if Samsung stay true to their word and release the phones, and if they do, how they will compare to other S60 phones which might be available by the time they hit the market? Their package is good enough that it won't be out-dated (after all compare the D720 with the Nokia 6680) but Samsung will have to really commit to a Series 60 development program if they want to stay competitive. I for one hope they will as it would bring some much needed competition to the S60 market.

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Well, Samsung better get the D720 and D730 to the market because they already spent a lot on R&D. Check my report on Samsung's Series 60 at :


Cheers! :-)

Posted by: Asri al-Baker | 16 Aug 2005 14:19:43

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