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Getting Started With Python For Series 60

J1Ever since I posted about the Dubai Traffic Cam program, which was written in Python, I've received many e-mails about how to install and run it. The first thing you'll need if you want to run programs written in Python (called 'scripts') on your series 60 device is to download the Python For Series 60 .sis install file from Nokia.

The file can be found here on the Forum Nokia pages. You will have to sign up to Forum Nokia, if you aren't already a member, to be able to download the appropriate .sis install file. There are two .sis files available, one for Series 60 1st Edition and one for Series 60 2nd Edition. You can check the version your particular mobile runs on this check-list.

J0Once you have downloaded the file, copy it across to your phone and install Python For Series 60 (Use this guide to copying files to your phone if you haven't done this before). The install process is the same as when installing any other program on your phone (look here for a guide to installing file on your mobile). Once Python For Series 60 has been installed on your phone it will be able to recognise all Python Scripts and Library Modules.

Now to install the Python Script. First copy the script (it should be a .py file) to your computer. Most of the time Python Scripts will just appear as text (as my Dubai Traffic Cam Script looks like here) and you'll have to make the .py file yourself. To make a .py file simply copy the text (code) into notepad (or a similar text-editor) and save the file as "FileName.py". If the .py extension isn't added to the file, the phone will not recognise it as a Python File.

J4_2Now that you have your Python Script, with the .py extension, you can copy it across to you phone as you would do with any other file. When the file has been copied, open it and the install process will start up. When the file has been recognised as a Python script, the install process will ask you whether to install it as a "Python script" or "Python lib module". Click "Python script" and the install process should continue as normal.

J3_3Once installed, the script is ready to be run. Open up the Python For Series 60 UI (whose icon appears as a green snake as seen in the first picture at the top of this post). You should see a screen similar to the one on the left. Click on "Options" and then click on "Run script". This should bring up a list of Python Scripts that have been installed on your phone (see picture below). A number of scripts come pre-installed with the Python For Series 60 install file so there should be a few scripts to choose from. Find the script you want to run and click on it. This will start up that particular Python Program.

J5If you are interested in learning more about Python For Series 60 i would recommend starting with the Python For Series 60 Wiki over at postneo.com. For those of you looking to develop Python Scripts there are great Developer Discussion Boards at Nokia.com and you can find a list of some Python Tutorials here.

If you have any problems that were not covered in this tutorial feel free to e-mail me.

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