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The Flash Lite Exchange

159x120_flash_4Macromedia have started up the Flash Lite Exchange, a place where developers can upload their Flash Lite programs for people to download and try out. The programs are mostly entries from Macromedia's Flash-Lite Developers Competition and can be downloaded for free (They will all run on Nokia series 60 phones as well as any other device that has Flash Lite 1.1 installed). It's good to see people are already starting to develop interesting new ideas using Flash Lite. One of the great things about these apps is that they are all a small size (most are under 100kb) so you can keep quite a few .swf files on your phone without running out of memory.

Below is a random selection of some of the applications available. I recommend you check out the rest of the programs as well.

iShop Pro US

A024      A025      A027
This handy little program lets you check prices, reviews and recommendations for a range of products from books to DVDs to Electronics (The content is provided by Amazon). You can add items to a wish list or SMS/MMS an item to someone else. You can also email your wishlist to someone (for example your birthday is coming up and you want to drop a hint). This program is great for comparing shop prices to online prices while you are in town and away from a computer.


Pocket Bye Bye

A018     A019     A020
This neat little application helps you create an excuse to end a boring conversation. Pocket Bye Bye can create everyday noises such as Traffic and a Doorbell so that you can make an excuse to end a call (i.e. "it's too noisy" or "there's someone at the door"). The sounds include crowd noise, a telephone ringing, a pager, traffic noise and a doorbell.



A021     A002     A005
News-LITE is an rss-reader that can pick up updates from BBC News, Yahoo News, Wired and the New York Times Online. Using the phones GPRS connection, News-LITE check these pages for updates and delivers all the latest news straight to your handset. Sadly you can't add your own feeds which limits this application but hopefully we'll see a new version coming soon with just that function.

Casino BlackJack

A022    A000    A001
A classic Casino game. Try and beat the dealer at BlackJack (don't get more than 21). A simple game that can kill time anywhere and never gets boring. Can you bankrupt The House?

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Posted by: Chris Ritke | 22 Feb 2005 09:42:09

Check my computer and use google to find if this will work on my Sanyo Zio?

Posted by: Robert Pickering | 7 May 2011 19:12:23

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