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The Lasco Virus

Viruswarning_4F-Secure have announced a new Virus for the Symbian OS which can spread in an alarming new way. The new Virus, named Lasco.A, is very similar to Cabir.H and is based on the same source code which is now freely available on the net. The major difference with Lasco is that not only does it try and spread over bluetooth (see here for information on how it does that using the Cabir.H worm), but also inserts a copy of itself into any .SIS files found on the device. This means that when the phones user transfers any of those .SIS file to another phone, which is done frequently when people share files and software, the receiving phone becomes infected with Lasco.A as well. This is the first Symbian Virus that uses two methods to spread and it goes around with the file-name valasco.sis so do not install or download any file with that name. 

January 11, 2005 by Tarek Abu-Esber | Permalink


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