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Tutorial: Uninstalling Files

I got an e-mail the other day from a Wessel Rauch concerning uninstalling programs on the 6600 and it made me realise that i (stupidly) hadn't added it to the Install Files Tutorial I did a while back. So here is a quick explanantion of how you can delete those pesky programs:

  • Go into the Menu on your phone (press the blue 'menu' key on the left hand side of the phone)
  • Cycle through the menu till you come to an option that says "Manager" and open it (either by pressing the joystick in or using Options - Open)
  • The Manger (or the App. Manger) is a list of all programs that are installed on the phone be it on the MMC card or the phones memory
  • The Manager sometimes takes a few seconds to load all the information. You'll hear a beep upon opening the Manager and then a beep once the list is loaded (or you can just wait till it allows you to scroll down)
  • Once the list is loaded, cycle through it till you come to the name of the program you want to uninstall
  • Once the target program is highlighted, press the "clear" button (The button with the 'c' on it which is on the right hand side of the phone
  • A warning will come up asking you if you really want to remove the application Yes or No
  • Click 'Yes' to completeley remove the program from your phone or click 'No' to keep it or if you have made a mistake.

There are a couple of notes i would also like to add about unistalling programs:

  • Once a program is removed it can only be re-installed if you have the orgional install file you used to install it in the first place
  • Sometimes the name of the program you want to uninstall isn't given a recognisable name in the App. Manger List. If this is the case you should use your own common sense to try and decide which one is reffering to the program you want to remove. If you are unsure you risk deleting a program you didn't want to lose
  • On rare occasions, the program won;t be listed in the App. Manager List at all. If this is the case you will have to use a file manger like F-Explorer or File Man to find and delete the files you want removed
  • Sorry if some parts of the tutorial seemed a bit over-simplistic but some readers really are beginners at this

Well i hope that helps some of you out there...

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I have installed Psiloc Task Manager trial version on my Nokia 6600. I am unable to uninstall the application. Please help me as every time I press the menu key and hold, the app. prompt for purchase and I can't even use nokia's in-built multitasking faciity. Please help me.

Posted by: brijesh jani | 20 Nov 2004 11:40:44

thax... i stupidly installed a MP3 player which plays only mp3 files it... nothing else... now i uninstalled it wid ur help... tell me if there is any player which can play mpeg, rm, wmv, or as many file types... thanx once again

Posted by: ravi | 7 Jun 2005 11:57:38

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