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Nokia Theme Studio

ThemestudioSince i posted a theme i had created myself, i have received alot of e-mails about how i made it. Well Nokia has always had a Theme Studio available for people to download for free. This Theme Studio allows you to create your own themes in fine detail. You can personalise every part of the User Interface from the background picture to the icons in the menu and even the digits of the clock. Sadly this program, though functional, is not very user firendly and is very slow. It will take most people a few tries to produce a them worth using. However i suppose we can't compain as it is a free program provided by Nokia for us to develop our own themes. I have been told there are a few other Theme Editors out there which aren't free but are alot better and easier to use. For now try out the Theme Studio.

Download Nokia Theme Studio here

November 10, 2004 by Tarek Abu-Esber | Permalink


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It's just a crime that this software isn't ported to Mac os X.


Posted by: fernando | 14 Nov 2004 14:46:18

Yeah Fernando it is a shame...but as with most software that isn't made for profit and is distributed free, there is no incentive to make it Mac compatiable.

There are a few other third party Theme Creators (which cost very little really) which may be Mac compatiable...i'll have a root round and see if i can find something

Posted by: Tarek | 14 Nov 2004 15:18:45

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