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TUTORIAL: Copying Files From PC To Phone

While some files are sent to your phone by a provider through MMS, others have been copied to your computer and have to be sent to your phone for installation. There are a number of ways of transferring files between your computer and your phone. The 6600 has Bluetooth and Infrared (I/R) connections available to it. The best way of copying files is by using these connections. If your computer doesn't have bluetooth or I/R capabilities, there are many bits of hardware on the market that plug into a USB drive and enable Bluetooth or Infrared connections (check links for example products).

Bluetooth is usually a preffered method as it is alot faster than an I/R connection and doesn't need a clear sight to maintain a connection as I/R does and has a larger range (usually around 10m).

  • If you are using a plug-in device, install it using the software and instructions provided. Also turn on either the Bluetooth or I/R connection on your phone, whichever you are using. Goto MENU--CONNECTIONS for this and select either Bluetooth or Infrared
  • If you are using Bluetooth, it is a good idea to change the name of your phone so that it can be easily recognised. Goto MENU--CONNECTIONS--BLUETOOTH and go down to "My Phone's Name" and change it to something you would recognise.
  • Once all the connection devices are ready, use your PC to search for the phone. If you are using infra-red, make sure the phone's infrared port and the I/R port on your PC are pointing towards each other and that nothing is between them.
  • Once a connection has been established, send the install file thats is on your PC to your phone. This will be received as a message on your phone once it has been sent.
  • Open this message, and if te file is a working install file, the install process will start automatically.

NOTE: I recommend that you change your message setting to use the MMC memory as opposed to you phone memory some files are quite large and can eat up all your phones memory

Another way to copy files to your phone is by using a card reader to copy the file to your MMC (The removeable memory card). A Memeory card reader can easily be bought in most computer stores and once installed, the MMC from your phone can be place in its contents can be navigated from MY COMPUTER. I have never used this method myself.

NOTE: Only .SIS and .JAR files can be used on the 6600. Old .jad files used for othe phone models DO NOT WORK on the 6600. Some .JAR files have also been known to cause problems for the 6600.

Download Tutorial

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